Manufacture Product Code Packaging Type Price
MVATF-D 55-Gallon Drum $505.00
MVATF-T 275-Gallon Tote $2,525.00
MVATF-P 5-Gallon Pail $61.50
Delivery in Miami - Ft Lauderdale is $50.00 per Pallet. One Pallet = 42 Pails / 4 Drums / 1 Tote
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1800 Brand MULTI-VEHICLE ATF is a special blend of high quality base stocks with an advanced additive system for automatic and powershift transmissions.
1800 Brand MULTI-VEHICLE ATF meets the performance requirements of a broad range of automatic transmission applications.
1800 Brand MULTI-VEHICLE ATF is formulated to provide the protection that meets or exceeds the quality standards in the industry. The specially balanced additive system protects against shudder, eliminates the need to stock ATF supplements and ensures a high-performance smooth driving experience. Carefully balanced friction modifiers allow friction retention for long life performance and maintain the smooth lock-ups required by a wide variety of vehicles. Enhanced oxidation, thermal stability and corrosion resistance helps maintain year-round protection of the transmission components.
1800 Brand MULTI-VEHICLE ATF provides excellent wear protection for all passenger cars and light trucks requiring the use of a Type A or Type A Suffix A, GM DEXRON , GM DEXRON -II, GM DEXRON -lIE, GM DEXRON -III (H), Ford MERCON or MERCON"V automatic transmission fluid. It is also recommended for applications requiring Toyota T / T-III , T-IV / Nissan Matic-D , Honda ATF-Z1 / and Mitsubishi Diamond SP-II and SP-III particularly where a DEXRON / MERCON fluid is allowed for service fill. See the table below for fluid applications.
1800 Brand MULTI-VEHICLE ATF is not suitable in a few pre-1 986 vehicles where Type F fluids are specified, or some recent vehicles equipped with continuous variable transmissions (CVT's). It also is not suitable for 2006 and later GM vehicles requiring DEXRON VI, Ford requiring Type SP, Ford Mercon LV, Toyota WS, Nissan Matic-K, newer Daimler and some other manufacturer's 6 and 7 speed transmissions, or double-clutch transmissions (DCTs) and other specialty transmissions where a low viscosity ATF is recommended or an OEM specific fluid is required. Always check application before using or adding any automatic transmission fluid.
Check your manual if your vehicle is one of the following: Datsun/Nissan pre 1971, Lincoln pre 1978, Ford/Mercury pre 1981, Toyota per 1983, Volvo pre 1985, Mazda pre 1986, Saab pre 1993.
1800 Brand MULTI-VEHICLE ATF can be used in some passenger car manual transmissions trucks and buses, offhighway construction/mining equipment, agricultural equipment, mobile hydraulic systems, industrial machinery, and power steering systems where DEXRON , DEXRON -II, DEXRON -lIE, DEXRON -III (H), MERCON or MERCON V type fluids are specified.

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