CONCRETE FORM OIL Releasing oil, or form release oil, is a product used for coating concrete forms and molds to ensure that the concrete does not stick irrevocably to them as it dries. CONCRETE FORM RELEASE OIL is a premium quality lubricant formulated as a quick, non-staining releasing agent for metal and wooden forms. The fluid is specially compounded with a combination spreading and releasing agent to prevent cement from adhering to form surfaces. DESCRIPTION: Miami Oil Company Concrete Form Oil is a mineral oil-based, low viscosity, amber colored form release agent that can be used for a multitude of form release applications. It is specially formulated to provide easy form removal and a smooth concrete finish by preventing the buildup of concrete on metal, fiberglass, plastic or wood forms. The wood form release oil is a non-reactive type. FEATURES & BENEFITS: Creates a positive barrier, preventing the adherence of concrete Will not discolor or stain concrete (when applied per spec) Significantly reduces the formation of bug-holes Improves efficiency via fast clean-up and reapplication of forms Will not cause concrete dusting or soften concrete Will not inhibit dry coatings, caulk or sealants on concrete Labor savings in clean up and application Thinner viscosity form oil allows for a more thorough coat, thus less product is utilized Can be applied at up to 1500 square feet per gallon Ready-to-use form oil - no diluting necessary Can be applied by brush, mop, roller and sprayer (a low pressure sprayer is recommended) Excellent rust and corrosion protection for metal forms Special low temperature properties to maintain a workable viscosity down to -20°F Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) compliant APPLICATIONS: Can be utilized on steel, plastic, fiberglass, aluminum, and fiber tube forms. Seasons wood forms by waterproofing (once saturated).


Manufacture Product Code Packaging Type Price
CFRO-55 55 Gallon Drum $673.00
CFRO-5 5 Gallon Pail Please Call
CFRO-275 275 Gallon Tote $3,367.00
Delivery in Miami - Ft Lauderdale is $75.00 per Pallet
Sold by pallets. One Pallet = 42 Pails / 4 Drums / 1 Tote

CONCRETE FORM OIL is designed to provide high quality concrete castings.
Concrete Form Oil is specially formulated to be used to improve the finish of concrete.
CONCRETE FORM OIL contains special rust inhibitors which protect the concrete from stains by inhibiting the formation of rust on the forms.
These inhibitors are specially designed to protect the forms from the type of corrosion caused by concrete.

Concrete Form Oil Release Agent Description:

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